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Celotex / Kingspan 12no. 2400x1200x100mm only £416.40 + VAT
Celotex / Kingspan 20no. 2400x1200x25mm only £238.80 + VAT
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If you looking at where to buy Celotex insulation then BMD Insulation can supply the whole range of Celotex insulation. Below is a list of Insulation rigid board materials usually available from stock in any quantity or to order (sometimes in pack quantities).
celotex insulation

Celotex Insulation TB4000 / Celotex TB3000 ( Thermal Break board )

Celotex TB4000 Insulation board is a multi-purpose board designed where therrmal bridges need eliminating in Pitched roofs, flat roofs, floors, timber / steel framed buildings and solid masonry walls Celotex TB4000 is available in 2400x1200 sheets from 12mm-45mm deep, 12mm makes Celotex the thinnest PIR board you can buy on the market at this time.

Celotex Insulation GA4000 / Celotex GA3000 ( General application board )

Celotex GA4000 Insulation board is a multi-purpose board manufactured from polyisocyanurate ( PIR ) covered in low emissivity foil facings on both sides it is designed for use where pitched roof , flat roof , floor , timber frame , steel framed buildings and solid masonry wall insulation are required and are available in 2400x1200 from 50mm -100mm. These boards are easy to cut and install and are a perfect solution to insulate your loft or floor / walls.

Celotex Insulation XR4000 / Celotex XR3000 ( Extra thick board )

Celotex XR4000 Insulation board is mainly used in 'cut to fit' applications such as between floor joists or in roof rafters although it is also suitable for use for underfloor insulation and wall insulation. This Insulation board meets the current and future requirements of ( part L) of building regs. and the code for sustainable homes and is available in 2400x1200 from 110mm-200mm.

Celotex Insulation CW4000 / Celotex CW3000 ( Cavity wall insulation )

Celotex CW4000 is an Insulation board made specifically for partial fill cavity wall insulation and is easily fixed in position with the appropriate wallties and clips. This Celotex Insulation board is manufactured in thicknesses from 25mm-100mm and is made from zero ozone depletion blowing agents reinforced with glass fibre and covered both sides in low emissivity foil facings.

Also available from BMD Insulation are the Celotex FI5000 , CF5097 , CG5000 and Celotex Crownfix , Crown Up and Crown Bond. Celotex FR5000 fire resistant insulation boards along with Celotex's PL4000 range of plasterboard thermal laminated boards. Importantly all at trade prices for all customers.
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