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Rockwool Roll 150mm 12 pack deal only £404.15 +VAT
Rockwool Cavity Slab 100mm 16 pack deal only £333.60 +VAT
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Rockwool insulation can be used in a variety of Insulation applications and is often specified because of the Rockwool fire, thermal and acoustic properties.
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Rockwool Insulation materials are available to purchase through BMD including Rockwool Flexi , the RWA range and RW range. If you are looking for a specific Rockwool insulation product then Please do call our national sales team. We will happily quote you the best prices possible for your requirements.
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Rockwool Flexi 100mm 12 pack deal only £300.96 +VAT
Rockwool Roll 100mm 12 pack deal only £403.26 +VAT
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Rockwool Cavity Slab 75mm 18 pack deal only £424.44 +VAT
contact bmd insulation on 01793 791010
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