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Triso-Sols 20m2 pack. 2 packs for £360.50 +VAT
Triso Super 10 Plus 16m2. 6 pack bundle for only £1006.14 +VAT
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BMD are suppliers of Actis Triso Super 10 plus multi-foil insulation. This material is both space saving and very efficient both in summer and winter. It is easy to install in the most difficult roof spaces.
actis insulation

Tri iso Super 10 + is a high performance multi foil insulation material and at 35mm thick makes it an ideal space saving insulation material for loft conversion projects. Tri iso super 10 + is a reflective multifoil insulation meaning it reflects both heat and cold it requires a 25mm airflow on both sides of the insulation , the size of the roll is 1.6m x 10m , it can be easily installed by stapling to the rafters and taping all overlapped joints . Also available in the Triso range is Triso Sols this is 7mm thick and designed for use in conjunction with underfloor heating projects or where space is limited for installation of a rigid board insulation .

For more information on Tri iso insulation and for the best prices please call our national sales office where we will gladly help. (01793 791010)

Triso Super 10 plus 16m2. 2 pack bundle for only £341.27 +VAT
Triso Super 10 Plus 16m2. 4 pack bundle for only £676.56 +VAT
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Silver Foil Tape 100mmx45m only £7.99+VAT roll
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